How To Scale Yourself !

Daniel Dennett has a buddy in the philosophical world. His name is Douglas Hofstadter, thinker extraordinaire and author of Pulitzer-Prize-winning book "Godel, Escher, Bach". He complains after winning the prize in that the book was perceived as a hodgepodge of neat things without central theme (Wikipedia). However to him, the book is "a very personal attempt to say how it is that animate beings can come out of inanimate matter. What is a self, and how can a self come out of stuff that is as selfless as a stone or a puddle?". Your neurones don't have consciousness you see! In "I am a Strange Loop", he rights the wrong and writes : "In the end, we are self-perceiving, self-inventing, locked-in mirages that are little miracles of self-reference." Douglas Hofstadter, I Am a Strange Loop

Now buckle up - or rather unbuckle! - your minds and come with me. I'm pondering on whether self-reference is scale-invariant. If the consequences of this loop that feeds the system back with information are somewhat similar across systems of different scales. So, for instance, how I understand Hofstadter's argument is that, compared to other species, we've inherited a unique extra feedback loop that makes us think about our thinking. We can take a step back and look at ourselves.

But let's jump to another scale - I'm thinking about the financial system. Borrowing to save our current world from crisis means putting a heavy debt burden on future generations. Same for climate and the CO2 burden we're putting on the future planet. Do these excesses stem from a society that refers to itself and fails to encompass the future in its rationale? What I've discovered through intellectual interaction with friends is that spending too much time with my own ideas ends up making me a bit dogmatic and stupid. Exchanging with friends - different feedback loops - helps me do a sanity check and scale my intelligence. The Western financial and industrial systems have no peers to do a sanity-check on their own feedback loop. A thriving alien sister planet - even if imagined - would serve us well.

So people! If you could share ONE single Kaboom idea with me, which would it be? Send it over by replying to this message and help me scale! Good morning friends :)