The Next Frontier Is Moral

Today's Impossible started 6 months ago with two distant dots and a question:

How does Addiction (X) and Opportunism (Y) relate ?

Addiction is a self-reinforcing mental black hole. Here is a an amazing focal point that starts drawing every single other strain of thought towards it. Amazingly, addiction scales well from a personal to a societal trait. See how wealth carves the lives of many today and how companies too were designed as wealth-generating machines. So much so that some that legal Scholar and Professor of Law at the University of British Columbia Joel Bakan describes the modern corporate entity as 'an institutional psychopath' and a 'psychopathic creature.' They are selfish, unwary of others, obsessive etc.

Opportunism now - Wikipedia to the rescue ! In the theory of evolution, "evolutionary opportunism" refers to a specific pattern of development in the history of a species. The behaviour, culture or body part of a species that long ago evolved to serve a particular purpose or function may subsequently lend itself to a very different positive purpose or function that helps the species to survive (...) It turns out to have new advantages or potential benefits the species previously never used—and, therefore, the species retains an adaptation even if the original purpose it served is long gone.

When I look at it, it feels Addiction is Opportunism gone haywire, set on autopilot and roaming in the blindspots of our awareness. Addiction is a form of opportunism whose purpose we don't control. But nothing in us is Evil or good, our evolutionary traits are functions which uses we haven't explored. Look at 2060, look here at Google quoted not on revenue but on a publicly traded Corporate Responsibility based index! Just like you've rid yourself of a boogie obsession or a nail-biting habit, our companies can too - Our Next Frontier, now that tech is out of the way, is Moral ! Good hopeful morning ladies and gents :D