Dumbledore, Zen Master

In the first Harry Potter, "The philosopher's stone", Harry ends up in a room where Voldemort, who took control of an ugly professor, is ragingly looking for the stone that will bring him back to Life. In the room, there is a magic mirror and once Harry looks at it, the stone appears in his pocket.

Later, Dumbledore explains that he'd put a spell on the mirror for the stone to end up with "those who want it but not to use it". The profundity of this statement struck me last week. At its surface, it could sound like a distinction between want and need but it goes further. To draw a parallel, when meditating, a sweet spot often crystallises in that one is clear about his intention and the purpose of the exercise but still, doesn't get caught in any gaining idea.

In a way, it's the vaccine version of ambition in that the drive to action is still there, but the viral bit that wants to achieve a goal and projects itself in the future is absent. That is the secret of Zen but more so, it is a beautiful lesson on what success should be. "A successful man is a man who wakes up in the morning and goes to the bed in the evening and does what he likes between the two" Bob Dylan. And, in all cases, you know something's wrong if you want to go back to bed when you wake up. That's your best indicator.

Success is no longer a millionaire or a hungry entrepreneur or a singing dancing superstar. That 'success' is a relic in our age. We are the generation that does for the beauty of doing, not gaining. A beautiful motion akin to a life-long dance. Good morning dancers :)