Arnold Shwarzeneger

I was ripped in 2012
I had a vein that went from my neck to my left calf
I called it Susan for no specific reason but the rhyme
I had six packs that said "hello ladies" (look at your man)
I had a neck that said "I work out"
And my friends called me Wolverine but probably more because of the teeth than the muscles

I ate 12 eggs a day - for the protein
I felt I was getting dumber - pbly because of the protein
Every curiosity on my skin was a sign of a starting cancer - because of the protein
And my junk didn't really work ... (let the audience answer "because of the protein" then say) because of the steroids

I was a greek god

In a world of bros and push-up bras
I ran Aristotle Arnold up the flagpole because there's when there was no one to salute anymore
For to me as to them the body was the temple of the soul
If you want to grow the latter, you need to grow the former 
So I grew
And I shrinked and I grew
Veins, muscles
Muscles, veins
And Vain muscles
With one constant - one mute mighty mentor
Iron was my friend - Iron was my lord
And the harder I lifted my god, the more he gave me
More pain, more gain
No pain, no gain

But sometimes the pain becomes pain
And it's not the iron
It's the one muscle the gym-boy can't grow
The one that has its own work-out every single second
His heart
Sometimes the heart gets pinched
And these fingers  (show two fingers)
Become your new god

(I can read your dirty mind)
These fingers have been places you don't want to be
Doing things you don't want to see
These fingers are not the imaginary sword of a martial artist
Or the british version of fuck you very much

These fingers are hiroshima little boy
Because when the wolverine lifts
He's lifting the world
In his mind the iron is the father he never had
and never wanted to disappoint
When he stumbles
It's not a plan or a diet that's crashing
He's not falling off some bandwagon
It's the entire universe collapsing at his feet
He let us all down

These fingers are a black hole
When he puts them near his mouth
A vortex the size of an eye 
Sucks out everything inside him
Outside him
Do you know what it's like to be a 6 foot 2 man who feels guilty about eating a piece of cake

He'd wish these fingers were a pierce
to pop his stomach get 
the sin 
A needle to pierce his heart
let it bleed
He lets the blood fill his legs and his abs
His chest and his hands
The blood creates coves
Where the sugar dissolves the cake
Where the pain resolves the ache

Behind every finger there's story
Just like behind every wolverine a cub
Behind every Schwarzenegger an Arnold