We are Freak

We are the beating drum
The living signal
Our heartbeat echoes each others' moves

These steps are the wild walk of a wild thing in the wild world no one gets

Our teeth edge and our claws inch 
And when we raise our hands 
Gods come to the rescue

We summon the best and their wings carry our bodies to the cloud of a world no one gets

When our hands clap
Soul and wind mix and mingle
And fire starts there and then

Universes hatch between my fingers, my wings shade the floor, a loud murmur flies and sets

Boom says the heart
Boom says the beat
Boom shout the feet

The dancer is the only lord. The holy instrument. The only creature on which God bets

If we sit, DJ, you've failed
If we stand, you're onto something
We are the living heart of the beat

And your tune is nothing if these bodies don't move. Their flesh and bones are the notes of your melody