Slip, slide

It's a trip on the side of a sliding mountain

A life too sharp to be taken in hands

He held his heart like a fan

His fingers like a towel

The fighting champ bruised and hurt

Down to the bone

I'll take you as you are. Come and sing

We belong.

Up the mountain, on the side. Where the souvenirs fall

There where I throw my stones

I lie and look


One day my hands like burning fists

Will fly

Through the sky

And land on your doorstep

My fingers

Will snap

They'll play. The tune

My fingers will wipe. The tears off your face

You chose him and you can

You said yes. Understood

But lord oh beauty. Look at my moves and my eyes

I ain't battling no flies

I'm a proper fighter. With a proper name

And lord oh beauty. My hands and my fingers

Will slip slide down your hair

Tell him to sleep

I'm here for now