I am the ambassador of strange. I represent. My moves and my jumps, my hands drawing circles and squares, my chest bumping in refusal and anger. When I land from my short stint flight, I come back as a dark archangel, lay my feet ona ground that is now to be transformed. I am the living glacier. The dark build. The element of how. The master of uncertainty. The new in now. If you are searching for shelter, if your end goal is to hide, then you've come to the wrong place. Here we reign. We. I am the ambassador of strange. Every freak, every weirdo, every nutcase, every madman, every psycho, every lunatic, every wacky, troubled maniac, every deranged, mentally challenged, introverted, hard to grasp dancing monster out there. Each and every one them. All pay me their prayers for me to dance tonight. Brothers, this is an ode to our folly. This dance is a song for our difference. Rise with le. Lift your feet off the ground and just like me, take a stand against the common, the frequent, the same. We're a species apart. Let's start acting like one.