Black monster of thy will
Don't slash or burn or kill
Don't squander all your thirst
On fallen souls you burst

Keep your hunger and your dreams
For larger lands and realms
Walk upon the valleyside
Search for the lights of Myriade

Town of the splendid and lost
Sense the beauty of frost
Wait for these palms to show
The way to the kingdom of snow

Breathe fire, black old godly beast
Breathe, point your wings to the east
Fly, your heart will suck the darkness to come
Fly, you shall smell the beauty of the dumb

Far from thy path you will meet
Happy dancing little breed
Small, handsome people of Myriade
Joyful nation to abide

They know no sorrow
They know no pain
Their soul's are hollow
And though smiley, too plain

Kill the odd forgetful country
Burn the lost and get the bounty
Take their joy and show them tears
From where I stand I'll point my ears

Make me here the Myriades
Let me sing, songs so wide
Make me here the Myriades
Joy is dull, has no pride