I walked up a stiff alley this afternoon
I had my bag hanging on the shoulder
Vicky was waiting at the top
I love her lips
And when she smiles, a sun rises up on my life
I've been thinking of a lot about dark things lately
But her smile waiting for me three steps away wiped it all out
I'm afraid of the power of words
Once said, they cannot be retrieved
Once written, they can't be erased
And start weighing on everyhthing they concern
If used too often, some words can become dull
They can kill a feeling
They burden it with their vacuity and their soulless nature
That's why I don't say it too often
That's why you always feel like if we've known each other for some days
If I say it each time I see you, and God knows it would be meant,
If I say it each time I touch those lips of yours
The weary impression that this feeling is an asset, that our relationship is a concluded contract,
The queasy sensation that you're mine
Will diffuse in the space we share
And you're not mine
Us is not a contract
I'm just the lucky guy that you chose
I'm the dreamer that hugs you close
I'm the sleepy hobo that lies near, in the shade of your heart