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Life OS

We automate habit making

Successful habit makers start by fixing a goal then stick to a behaviour to reach it. Slowly however, the goal fades away and the habit stays. One sticks to it because of the pleasure one gets out of it.

"Life OS" reverse-engineers the process. To get you on the bandwagon, we help enhance your self-discipline. Then, to keep you on the bandwagon we teach you how to realize the benefits of your new habit.

First hackable habit : Mindfulness !

Hello !

Can we hijack your calendar ?

Admit it ! The one thing you do pay attention to is your calendar. Once a meeting is fixed, you'll get out of your way to make it to the right place at the right time.

So what about a meeting with yourself ? A daily, non - negotiable meeting with the one person you have to spend time with !



Oh !

And we're spamming you as well

Until you tell us what you feel about your new resolutions and habits. You'll get an email from us every 4 days asking you how things are going. You owe us three sentences ... Or else !

The idea is simple, the more frequently you think about your habit and the more time you allocate to it, the likelier it is to stick. So let's get sticky !

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What you choose ...

Is what you get

Wait what ! Yes. Give us your name, your last name, your email address (add some thoughts and feedback if you'd like to) and we'll hassle the hell out of you until you get that habit going.

Kidding, kidding. First we'll invite you to a daily "Meet with yourself" event you'll be able to add to your calendar. Then we'll e-mail you every 4 days to see how it's going.

We can't wait to get started ! This train is leaving soon, all aboard !